Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Passi City Balik sa Bayan supports 10 pupils this school year

The fund raising drive led by Ma. Wilma Padura, president of Passi City Balik sa Bayan, a Hong Kong –based hometown association, resulted to funding the education of ten elementary school supplies. This is in addition to the 20 children which WIMLER HK is already supporting in Iloilo. This is their first fund raising drive in collaboration with WIMLER Foundation HK. WIMLER HK has been running the Send a Child to School project since 2011.

The campaign generated responses from Hong Kong, Denmark, and Canada. The funds raised will be used to purchase school bags, uniforms, school supplies, shoes, and pay the miscellaneous fees.

Our deep gratitude to the donors.

To support the Send a Child to School Program of Passi City Balik sa Bayan and WIMLER Foundation HK, please contact:

Ma. Wilma Padura
Mobile:  +852 9386 2514

or through Wilma's Facebook private message

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