Thursday, October 31, 2019


Several people have already contacted me that they want to donate for the earthquake victims. In this connection, WIMLER HK decided to launch a fund raising campaign hopefully we can generate more help.

On October 16 (6.3) , October 29, 2019 (6.5) and October 31 (6.5) , a large part of Mindanao is rocked by deadly earthquakes. As of November 2,  according to according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, 16 people were reported dead, seven missing, and 403 injured and thousands of people became homeless.

NDRRMC said the last earthquake affected 7,303 families or 35,481 people and damaged 7,089 infrastructures, mostly houses and schools.

Many people are now sleeping outside in makeshift tents due to aftershocks which seismologist predict may last up to Christmas.

Heavy rain makes life more difficult for evacuees.
Among the severely affected areas are Bansalan (Davao del Sur), Tulunan (epicenter) and Mlang in North Cotabato. These are the areas where Wimler Hong Kong and Wimler Philippines operate.

We appeal for your generosity to help us provide trapals (canvas), water, and other foodstuff to the evacuees to ease a bit their burden. This is their URGENT need at the moment.
You may send your donation to:

WIMLER FOUNDATION HONG KONG LTD. Account Number: 801-079963-838
Bank: HSBC Hong Kong

We can provide official receipts for donors based in Hong Kong. PLEASE SEND US A PICTURE OF YOUR DEPOSIT SLIP, PLEASE. Thanks.

We will keep a list of donation and will post updates regularly.

For further information, please contact:

Kathy de Guzman, 95024402/Messenger - Katherine de Guzman
Heda Bayron, 60344135/Messenger - Heda Bayron
Leila Rispens-Noel – Messenger: Leila Rispens-Noel


To those who would like to donate directly to the Philippines, You may send your donation to:


Bank account: 0722-1030-76
Beneficiary: Wimler Partnership for Social Progress, Inc. Name and Address of the Bank:
Land Bank of the Philippines Bansalan Branch
Public Market, Poblacion Dos Bansalan, Davao del Sur,
BIC code bank (SWIFT address): TLBPPHMM
TIN No.: 930 678 497

WIMLER Philippines can also issue official receipt. Please inform us when you make bank transfer.



As of December 1,  2019
Date Donors Location Amount in Peso Amount in HK$
Oct-31 Heda B. Hong Kong 10,005.12 BDO
Nov-01 Maria Andes Tejereso Caspe Hong Kong           100.00 WIMLER HK
Oct-31 Carlo and Ivy Logrono Hong Kong           770.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-02 Joji Hui Hong Kong        3,000.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-02 Gloria Depayso Hong Kong           500.00
Nov-03 ALSE HK  Group c/o M. Dacio Hong Kong      10,000.00 BDO
Nov-03 Maria Jocelyn Musngi Hong Kong        5,531.11 BDO
Nov-03 Vienne Pallasigue Phil.        1,000.00 BPI
Nov-04 M. R. Sanchez Phil.      10,000.00 BDO
Nov-06 Ade and Friends Hong Kong      16,632.50 BDO
Nov-06 Cherie Abante EDCA team ALSE  Hong Kong        2,800.00 BDO
Nov-06 Marasigan Family NY USA      12,632.50 c/o Jeff and Ana Marie
Nov-06 Creative Concepts Mfg. Ltd Hong Kong        2,000.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-07 Convincers/SEDPI Philippines      29,481.54 BDO
Nov-08 Evelyn Bautistia Philippines        5,000.00 BPI
Nov-09 Aida Florentino Netherlands        5,573.80 cash/Wim
Nov-09 Enid Madarcos Philippines        5,000.00 BDO
Nov-09 Leni Toledana  Cebu        2,000.00 Cash/Ana Marie
Nov-09 c/o Bebot Belarmino  Japan        1,000.00 Cash/Ana Marie
Nov-11 Efrain Jimenez Mexico      14,149.46 Western Union/Ana Marie
Nov-11 Marcelina Manalo-Ermert Switzerland      25,000.00 Cebuana
Nov-11 ALSE HK Batch 73 Hong Kong        2,200.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-14 Pops Up Hong Kong        2,050.00 BDO
Nov-14 JaDine Republique Hong Kong      12,500.00 BDO
Nov-14 Wilson NinoFranco Phil        5,000.00 BDO
Nov-15 Tina Liamzon & Edgar V. Phil      10,000.00 BDO
Nov-15 Kabayan sa Limburg Netherlands      11,180.74 Giro NL
Nov-15 ALSE Batch 59 Hong Kong        6,800.00 BDO
Nov-17 UMELA HK Hong Kong        6,230.00 BDO
Nov-18 ALSE HK Hong Kong      25,680.00 BDO
Cristina Fernandez Netherlands        2,808.13 Giro NL
Nov-20 Hong Kong Connect c/o Jojo de Guzman  Hong Kong        7,500.00 BDO
Nov-20 #MilkteaforMinda/Insular Life Phil    236,500.00 Land Bank of the Philippines
Yeng Baybay Jarmin Hong Kong        5,050.00 BDO
Nov-21 EmpowerU c/o Alona Hong Kong           400.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-21 Aida F. Santos Phil        2,000.00
Nov-24 Luningning Espirtu Hong Kong        2,000.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-24 Ju-Chen Chen Hong Kong           500.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-26 First R+J Builders Phils. Corp., c/o Pres/Owner Reinato Barco Phil        5,000.00 BDO
Nov-26 Ivy and Carlo Logrono Hong Kong      45,220.00 BDO
Nov-27 Cristina Cayat Hong Kong        2,000.00 BDO
Nov-28 Mr Jacky Chan/ Mr Sandy Macmillan  Hong Kong           610.00 WIMLER HK
Nov-28 Hazel Genese Ceradoy Phil        2,000.00
Nov-28 Tita Potenciano USA      10,000.00 Cash
Nov-28 Mark Joseph Pascual Hong Kong        2,000.00 BDO
Nov-28 Anonymous Phil        2,000.00 BDO
Nov-30 Ade Valencia and Friends      13,556.00 BDO
TOTAL 570,880.90      12,080.00

GRAND TOTAL in Peso as of Dec 1, 2019 = 649,281.30
From Donors Items
Phil Calumba Family 4 sacks of rice, water, canned goods delivered
HK Rosabelle Woolf 5 sacks rice delivered
Phil Jay Sonza and Family 260 gallons drinking water delivered
Phil Agnes Miclat-Cacayan and Family various canned goods and noodles delivered
HK Isabela Foundation HK 1 BIDA balikbayan box delivered
HK Emilio Aguinaldo DDS HK 1 jumbo balikbayan box in transit
HK ALSE OF-LIFE HK 1 jumbo balikbayan box in transit
HK LPU Filipino Migrant Group 1 jumbo balikbayan box delivered
Phil Zorrah Valentin & Family 160 gallons drinking water delivered
Japan Geraldine Tee 1500 toothbrushes delivered
HK Zaara Alam/FILCOM South Lantau 1 jumbo balikbayan box in transit
HK MV Publications 1 balikbayan box Soap in transit
HK ALSE OF-LIFE HK 3 balikbayan boxes in transit
HK EmpowerU 1 balikbayan box Soap in transit
Netherlands ENFID Nederland 1 balikbayan box  in transit


On October 16, we distributed food packs (coffee, 3 kilos rice, coffee, canned goods , and noodles) hygiene kits (toothbrushes, toothpaste,  soap), pails and trapals to 261 households in Bitaug,
Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

We also donated 1 roll of trapal to New Clarin Elementary School for their Temporary Learning Space.

We also contributed some amount to build toilets in Bitaug.

250 kalakat were distributed to initially 21 families to help them build their houses. We are preparing 350 kalakat for our next wave of distribution.

Monday, October 21, 2019

ALSE OF-LIFE: Empowering Filipino Migrant Workers in Hong Kong by Building Lifelong Skills

Despite a tense situation in Hong Kong following days of violent protests, 86 Filipino migrant workers received their ALSE OF-LIFE certificates from Rene Salvador San Andres of the Ateneo School of  Government on October 6, 2019 at the Chinese University in Hong Kong after finishing the intensive six-month Ateneo Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Overseas Filipinos Leadership, Innovation, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship (formerly ALSE) course. Philippine Consul Paul Sarte, POLO OIC Antonio Villafuerte, and Ferdinand Ng, chairman of WIMLER Foundation HK, assisted in handing out the certificates.

"These are the Ateneans I am most proud of OFWs who completed Ateneo's Executive Education      program, which involve modules on leadership, social entrepreneurship and financial literacy,” says San Andres. “Their experience and self-sacrifice in working abroad, coupled with the business plans they now have and are capable of formulating and which will be sources of decent income and jobs, are lights of hope for our people in the Philippines.”


Batch 73

The challenge of reintegration back home

The ALSE OF-LIFE course is designed to provide migrant workers with the tools to prepare themselves for reintegration. The decision of if and when to return back home for good is a very difficult one for migrant workers because of the potential income uncertainty and the impact it would have on their families. Many feel that they have not yet saved enough money while working overseas, and fear that they will not be able to support their families in the same way should they go back prematurely.

Migrant workers want to be sure that the money they earn in the Philippines should be able to compen-sate for the income that they are earning in Hong Kong so they can maintain the lifestyle they have now.   Starting a business back home is one way to ensure they have something to return to, a livelihood that can potentially provide for their families and allow them to save.
To a certain extent, the ALSE course responded to this dilemma. To complete the course, the partici-pants have to present a social entrepreneurship business plan, which will be evaluated according to its viability, social impact and other criteria.

Lawrence Monsalud, class president of ALSE 74, in his testimony at the ceremony, said: “All of us here today have a drive of achieving our goals. The ALSE has given us the tools to move forward with our goals,” he says. “Working here in Hong Kong, especially with my fellow classmates who been here for many years, we have one goal: to be able to provide the needs of our families in the Philippines and we will do whatever it takes to achieve that despite the sacrifices we make especially in these troubled times in Hong Kong. We have given up a lot of things just for our families’ future; we miss their birthdays, graduations, spending moments with them which money can’t buy. What ALSE did was give us hope to dream and the knowledge to structure that dream into reality to help us with our integration back to the Philippines and continue to pursue our goals for our families’ future.”
According to Mark Joseph Pascual, one of the three male participants and class president of ALSE 73: “The shared stories of my batchmates touched my heart. All those sleepless nights, dramas, misunder-standing, and many more while working on the business plans paid off.”

Jennifer Ilarde, one of the participants who gave her testimony during the ceremony, summed up the empowering experience of her fellow graduates in attending the course: “Being a domestic helper here in Hong Kong, our common reason why we are here is to support our family financially and to give them a better future. But most of us forget or own dreams and goals,” she says.  “I am thankful and grateful that there is an ALSE program for domestic helpers here in Hong Kong. It has given us an opportunity to learn and to grow as individuals. Because of this program, my principles and views in life were totally changed for the better, especially in handling finances. It also enhanced my personality development in dealing with people. And I’ve come to realize that we are not just  domestic helpers .We are much more, and we can be more than what we think what we are  f we only allow our minds to be filled up with new knowledge and skills that will help us to develop and to improve ourselves.”

POLO HK OIC Villafuerte emphasised the importance of continuing education for migrant workers and urged graduates to continue to learn even after graduation.

This was echoed by Consul Sarte who reminded the graduates that knowledge is power. He commended non-government organizations’ contributions in delivering various courses to prepare migrant workers for their return and reintegration to the Philippines. He said the consulate has only limited staff serving 237,000 Filipino nationals (217,000 domestic workers) and it could not cater to everyone’s needs with-out the contribution and cooperation of various organizations within the community.

Up to the last minute, there was uncertainty whether the graduation ceremony would push through due to the protests in Hong Kong. A total shutdown of the MTR for one and half days and the expected wors-ening of the situation that day made travel to the venue problematic for graduates and guests. However, in true Philippine spirit of pagtutulungan (helping each other), the organisers were able to arrange for transportation to the venue for the graduates and guests.

About WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong

WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong Ltd. was officially registered in 2011 as a non-profit and charitable organization whose primary objective is to support the capacity building and empowerment of migrant communities regardless of nationalities and to promote cultural diversity in Hong Kong based on mutual respect, solidarity, and shared empowerment among peoples. In 2018, WIMLER HK was awarded the Banaag Award of the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas. The awards honor distinguished individuals and foreign-based organisations dedicated to advancing the in-terests of Filipino communities around the world.