Sunday, August 7, 2011

Completion Report: ETWA-funded Poultry Project

We have completed the implementation of the two poultry projects on schedule. We would like to thank ETWA Netherlands for its support. Our appreciation also to the members of the Parents Teachers Association in Dugong Elementary School and Mlang Pilot Elementary School for  implementing the projects on schedule as agreed in the partnership agreement with WIMLER.

WIMLER has already  turned over the full management of the projects to PTA members. However, we will still continue to monitor the requesting the principals to submit monthly progress reports. 

The PTA members are keeping daily blogs of the number of eggs harvested classified into various sizes. They also record the daily sales. At the end of the month, the schools submit to WIMLER income-expense reports. In doing so, we can monitor the progress and viability of the project. Problems encountered such as the changing weather condition and how it affects the projects are reported to help us act on the issues as timely as possible.
Our concern now is the expansion of the project to reach the economies of scale. We will make some plans on how to scale up the project. 

For those who are interested, we make our reports available online for purposes of sharing information, and linking and learning.

We welcome comments and suggestions.

View our consolidated Narrative and Financial Reported as submitted to ETWA. We are pleased to inform you that our report was accepted and approved by the Board members of ETWA.

Mr. Cyrel Defensor, principal of MPES submitted liquidation reports to WIMLER on behalf of the MPES Parents and Teachers Association.
Please check the following:

Liquidation of the first tranche
Liquidation of the second tranche
Copy of the receipts first tranche
Copy of the receipts second tranche

Likewise, Mr. Rodrigo Vergara, principal of Dugong Elementary School submitted liquidation reports to WIMLER on behalf DES Parents Teachers association.

Please check the following:

Liquidation of the First Tranche
Liquidation of the Second Tranche

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