Saturday, November 19, 2011

Latest issue of WIMLER "Reach Out" Quarterly Newsletter is now available

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Completion Report: ETWA-funded Poultry Project

We have completed the implementation of the two poultry projects on schedule. We would like to thank ETWA Netherlands for its support. Our appreciation also to the members of the Parents Teachers Association in Dugong Elementary School and Mlang Pilot Elementary School for  implementing the projects on schedule as agreed in the partnership agreement with WIMLER.

WIMLER has already  turned over the full management of the projects to PTA members. However, we will still continue to monitor the requesting the principals to submit monthly progress reports. 

The PTA members are keeping daily blogs of the number of eggs harvested classified into various sizes. They also record the daily sales. At the end of the month, the schools submit to WIMLER income-expense reports. In doing so, we can monitor the progress and viability of the project. Problems encountered such as the changing weather condition and how it affects the projects are reported to help us act on the issues as timely as possible.
Our concern now is the expansion of the project to reach the economies of scale. We will make some plans on how to scale up the project. 

For those who are interested, we make our reports available online for purposes of sharing information, and linking and learning.

We welcome comments and suggestions.

View our consolidated Narrative and Financial Reported as submitted to ETWA. We are pleased to inform you that our report was accepted and approved by the Board members of ETWA.

Mr. Cyrel Defensor, principal of MPES submitted liquidation reports to WIMLER on behalf of the MPES Parents and Teachers Association.
Please check the following:

Liquidation of the first tranche
Liquidation of the second tranche
Copy of the receipts first tranche
Copy of the receipts second tranche

Likewise, Mr. Rodrigo Vergara, principal of Dugong Elementary School submitted liquidation reports to WIMLER on behalf DES Parents Teachers association.

Please check the following:

Liquidation of the First Tranche
Liquidation of the Second Tranche

Supported by:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Microfinance group lends P3M to OFWs in Singapore

A Filipino-run microfinance group released more than P3 million as loans for qualified overseas workers in Singapore.

Alalay Sa Kaunlaran Inc. (ASKI) Global Ltd. offered the loans to OFWs who completed an 11-week entrepreneurship training.

News site Microfinance Focus said those who availed of the loans came from various provinces in northern and central Philippines.

ASKI Global Ltd. began in July 2010 as the first international office of ASKI, headquartered in Nueva Ecija, to help the financial needs of Filipinos in Singapore.

ASKI Global Ltd. got the approval of the Overseas Economic Board of Singapore to train not only Filipinos but also Indonesian and Sri Lankan migrant workers. 
— OFW Journalism Consortium
ASKI  is a member of INAFI Philippines

Thursday, May 19, 2011

MINUTE BURGER (Davao del Sur) and WIMLER launch fund raising drive

The manager of Minute Burger in Bansalan and five other branches in four municipalities in Davao del Sur and WIMLER agreed to launch a fund raising drive.

The idea dubbed as “Barya mo, Eskuela Ko” or “Your loose change, My Education” is to place collection cans in all the branches of Minute Burger in Bansalan, Digos (2), Padada, and Sulop where people can drop their loose change. In addition,  collection cans will also be placed at the TAPS counter, a restaurant in Digos City and in Val-Tan Grocery Store in Sulop, Davao del Sur. WIMLER’s folders will be displayed as well.  Through this campaign, WIMLER hopes not only to raise funds for Send a child to school but also to raise awareness among the local people about the plight of poor children who cannot  go to school. WIMLER is grateful to Peter Paul and Zorrah Valentin, operators of Minute Burger in 6 municipalities of Davao del Sur, Taps Restaurant, and Val-Tan Trading for their support.

Zorrah and Peter Paul Valentin

Friday, May 13, 2011

WIMLER Reach Out Newsletter is now available online

Our WIMLER Reach Out Newsletter, Issue 2, Vol. 1 is now available online.

Just click the photo to download your copy.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Texas Barbecue for a Cause a tremendous success

The Texas Barbecue for a Cause held last May 6 at the United Services Recreation Club (USRC) was a great success! The dinner was put together through the efforts of Emilie Veringa-Tobias for the benefit of WIMLER Foundation. There were wonderful prizes awarded, great food and music, and a slideshow about the work of WIMLER. In total, 145 guests attended the event.
The registration opened at 7:00 pm followed by a cocktail, during which the guests were entertained by Collin and the China Coast Jazzmen.
Before dinner started, Emilie welcomed the guests. Then Leila Rispens-Noel, president and co-founder of WIMLER, introduced the guest of honor, Mr. Robert Schuddeboom, the Netherlands’ consul-general for Hong Kong and Macau.  Mr. Schuddeboom gave an inspirational talk, in which he encouraged support for organizations, like the WIMLER Foundation, in the effort to help poor children acquire education. DJ and legend Andy Curtis provided music during the after-dinner dance.
There were many volunteers on hand; including Marie Tuohy, Sherly Okruch, and Joanne Narciso Madayag, who helped to ensure that registration ran smoothly. Professional services needed to keep the costs as low as possible were provided free of charge. Jun Madayag Photography was the official event photographer while Chad del Valle acted as the emcee for the event. Paul Rigby designed the event flyer.
Good attendance was boosted by the table sponsors: SWIFT, Tanner DE Witt Solicitors,, and the Philippine Association of Hong Kong. Tickets had been in great demand, and last-minute bookings still kept coming on the day itself.
There were many raffle prizes to give away. FINDS Restaurant, Nordic Telecom Hong Kong LTD., JEBSEN and CO., Grace Cousins, Lisa Furnad, Theresa Niehorster, Sienna Fashion House, Marco Veringa, World of Fashion, Joean Tong, Jacky Lee, Virginia Leper, and Chiqui Barnes donated prizes to the delight of the guests, especially those who won the raffles.
It was a fantastic night. We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity! Everyone who attended the event had a tremendous night, and no doubt this will be talked about for some time! We have been receiving positive feedback so far, and people have asked to be invited in the next BBQ party. 
The money raised will support the education of poor children in the Philippines. In this regard the event exceeded all our expectations.

Jun Madayag Photography captured the mood of the event. To see the pictures, please check here

Monday, April 25, 2011

MPES Principal and teachers-in-charge submit Pupils' School Report

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region XII
Division of Cotabato
Mlang Central District
Mlang Pilot Elementary School

School Year 2010 – 2011

There is no greater delight than knowing that there are individuals and organizations who are willing to help those who do not have much opportunities to develop themselves.

Mlang Pilot Elementary School is very fortunate to partner with the WIMLER PARTNERSHIP FOR SOCIAL PROGRESS, INC., a non-profit, non – stock organization which aims to promote education specially to the poorest of the poor. 

WIMLER believes that poor children should not be deprived of their basic right to education.  In school year 2020-2011, WIMLER offered full scholarship to twenty MPES pupils.  Such gesture touched and transformed the lives of the young pupils.

We are pleased to send updates of our scholars. Their teacher – advisers attested that the educational support has great influence on the attitude of the pupils. Several pupils finished the school year with high honors.

We thank everyone who supported our "Send a Child Program" in partnership with WIMLER. We hope for your continuing support. 

Please see pupils' assessment prepared by their respective teacher-in-charge HERE


Notes from WIMLER:

Next School Year

Ten pupils are going to High School next school year. In the meantime, WIMLER was able to find a sponsor for Alvin Melchor until he finishes his high school education.
Thanks to our donors, we are able to support another 20 elementary pupils next school year 
(10 Grade V and 10 Grade VI).

However, due to limited financial resources, WIMLER could not possibly support those who going to high school.

Perhaps, some of you might be interested to support the high school students. According to the school principal, it takes about Ph 8,000 (Euro 130/USD185) per student/year to study in the public high school in Mlang.

If you are interested to help these students, please contact Classes start again in June.

THANK YOU for your kind support.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Texas Style BBQ for a Cause drums up support for WIMLER

The WIMLER Foundation believes that education is the key to fighting poverty. Through various programs, its aim is to empower people to basically help themselves. But to do that, they need a helping hand to get them on their way. To directly support their work and help under privileged children, we holding a Texas Style BBQ for a Cause” with all proceeds going to the Foundation. We believe this is a novel approach to helping raise funds, while having a lot of fun in the process.

We have secured the support of the United Services Recreation Club (USRC),which they will host the event on May 6, 2011.

This Texas Barbecue will offer guests unlimited food and drinks and music but more importantly will allow participants to experience a unique event and food, while helping those less fortunate than themselves.


To raise funds to support the education of 20 pupils in Nueva Vizcaya (Luzon) for the school year 2011-2012. It is also hoped that we will be able to raise more money to support more children in Mindanao.


Our target is to have at least 250 guests, each paying HK$500.00 an all-in price that also includes one raffle ticket.

Money raised from the event will be sent to the WIMLER Foundation, who will select the children to attend school this June 2011. We will follow up with them on their progress, and keep all sponsors and guests abreast on how their money is being put to good use through Wimler's website and blog.


  • VENUE: United Services Recreation Club (USRC), # 1 Gascoigne Road, King's Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • DATE: May 6, 2011 ( Friday )
·     TIME: 7:00PM – 11:00PM
    Cocktail : 7:00PM - 8:30PM  , cocktail foods with unlimited drinks

BBQ Dinner : 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM, the dinner also includes buffet and the Texas style barbecue with unlimited drinks

  • MUSIC: Live Jazz  music with Colin Aitchison and the China Coast Jazzmen
(Band plays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm after which we play piped music and
country songs )

  • DRESS CODE: Cowboy and Cowgirl
Note: There is a prize donated for the best dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl.

Click here to find out what we have prepared for you!

Please check out related link:  From Cosmopolitan Blog: BBQ for a Cause
                                                     From the website of Scenic Villas Pokfulam:
                                                    Texas Style BBQ for a Cause

Event Facebook

Thursday, March 31, 2011

WIMLER Annual and Financial Reports 2010

We are now pleased to inform you that our Annual Report and Financial Audit Report 2010 are now available online. Please check the following links:

WIMLER Financial Audit Report 2010

WIMLER Annual Report 2010

If you have questions on the report, please feel free to contact us at
On behalf of our local partners, parents, children, volunteers, and members of WIMLER Board and International Advisory Board, I take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have supported WIMLER.

I sincerely look forward to your continuing support. 

With best regards,

Leila Rispens-Noel, President and Co-founder

Saturday, March 26, 2011

MONITORING REPORT: Mlang Pilot Elementary School Poultry Project

Note: For those who are not yet familiar with the project, we suggest to also visit this link:


Name of Project Holder
Registration No.
Securities and Exchange Comission
Davao City, Philippines
Address Hong Kong
Tower 1, 43/F, Apartment A, The Harbourside
1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR)
Address Philippines
Wimler, Inc.
Camia Street, Purok Maligaya
Bansalan, Davao del Sur
Contact Person 1
Leila Rispens-Noel
E-mail and Phone number
+852 68976848

Project Title
School-based Poultry Project

Local Partner
Mlang Pilot Elementary School
c/o Mr. Cyrel Defensor, School Principal
Project Location/Local Partner
Mlang, North Cotabato, Philippines
Amount Received from SWIFT APAC
Php 171,928.72 (local currency)
Project Duration
12 months

1. Introduction

This monitoring report covers the period September 2010 to March 2011. As soon as SWIFT funding arrived around first week of September, WIMLER immediately prepared the beneficiaries for the implementation of the project. A partnership agreement was signed between WIMLER and Mlang Pilot elementary School describing the rights and duties of the participating organizations.

The actual construction started first week of September and the building 2as finished in two weeks time.  The work was done by a few skilled carpenters and some members of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) provided voluntary labor. The chicks were ordered around end of September.

2. Brooding Cage and Equipment

Before the arrival of the pullets, brooding houses made of bamboo slats and plastic screens were built to provide ample protection and care to the birds. They were wide enough to assure adequate space and to avoid congestion of the birds. Screens were used to provide proper ventilation at all times and that heat stroke would be avoided. Adequate windows were built in the cages to make feeding and pouring of water in the troughs easy for the caretaker.  Lamps were installed which serve as an artificial source of heat and light of the birds and to ensure that even at night time the fowls could eat and drink. Feeding and watering troughs were purchased and provided in every brooding house so to assure only clean feeds and water would be consumed by the pullets.

3. Feeding, Vaccination, and Other Poultry Practices

Chicks were fed with starter mash up to ten days of age. Feeding was done in an ad libitum to ensure that birds could still consume even during night.  From day eleven, they were fed already with chick grower mash. Since day old up to day ten, the water was mixed with vetracin, a multi – vitamin and growth booster for pullets.

Vaccines for fowl pox were administered using intra – nasal method during twenty – one days of age. This would be followed up upon the recommendation of the local veterinarian. Debeaking will also be done when cannibalism is apparent among the birds and with the advice of the veterinarian. 

4.    Present Status of the Poultry

By February 2011, the birds have already started laying eggs. The birds indicate constitutional vigor. They are alert and alive. They already received two vaccines and are already de-beaked. They are showing excellent health as they have bright eyes and glossy feathers. They are fed twice daily:  one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Clean water is available at all times.

5. Average Daily Collection of Eggs

As recorded in the logbook, birds started laying eggs since the month of February. That time, the caretaker collects three to five trays of eggs of various sizes. The collected eggs are easily marketed to teachers and nearby residents.

As of the month of Msrch, the daily average collection is eight trays or roughly 250 eggs; 50 eggs short as originally projected in the proposal. It is expected that the number would still increase in the coming months. The harvested eggs are immediately classified according to sizes and are sold to the teachers, stakeholders and to the bakery operators in the municipality of Mlang.

6. Morbidity and Mortality Rate

It was observed that when the chicks arrived, they were all healthy, alert and mobile. No sign or symptom of disease was seen. But on the ensuing day, two birds were found dead in the brooding house. It was suspected that their sudden death was due to stress.  As the days went by, the total mortality was six birds or only two per cent (2%) of the total stock. This time, as per observation, they are all in good condition, perfectly healthy and have good appetite.

By February 2011 because of the sudden change of weather, some birds cannot easily adjust and their resistance is weak. This weather change made them unhealthy which led to their sudden death. Since then, almost ten birds died because of the sudden change of weather. In all, 16 fowls died since the start of the project.

7. Hygiene and Sanitation

Proper hygiene and sanitation is being observed and given utmost attention in the poultry project. On a regular basis, feeding and watering troughs are washed and cleaned using soap and running water. Disinfectant is administered when needed. Chicken manure is gathered every Saturday and dried in a nearby drier so to minimize flies and prevent foul odor.

8. Financial Management

The income generated from the eggs is automatically deposited in the bank account of Parents Teachers Association. This is to ensure that the poultry income is managed well. Withdrawal can only be done if there are urgent and emergency expenses to be spent for the project.

9. Problems Encountered

Since the project commenced its operation, a number of problems have been encountered. Not anticipated expenses are made just to have the smooth run of the project. For instance, extra costly antibiotics are purchased so the birds can survive the sudden change of weather and to have a good resistance to other fowl diseases. Medicines for flies control in their manure are likewise bought. Now, presence of flies and other insects in the poultry is very minimal.

Due to sudden change of weather, mortality rate of the birds is raised. Almost ten birds died instantly without indicating any symptoms of disease.

10. Financial Report 

Amount in
Philippine Peso
In Euro
Cost of building chicken coop, Lumber and other construction materials
Labor cost (construction) and caretaker
Cost of 300 chicks @ Ph 55/head
Cost of feeds and medication until production stage @250/chick
Caretaker allowance @ Ph 1,000
See cost of Labor
Technical assistance Veterinarian (6 months until productive stage)


11.  Visibility and Communications
WIMLER disseminated information about the project, based on the reports received from the local partner through its website and blog. They can be read at the following links:

Monday, February 14, 2011

WIMLER starts second poultry project in Dugong Elementary School

With financial support from ETWA Netherlands, Dugong Elementary School started last first week of February the construction of the school-based poultry project.

This income-generating project aims to generate funding for the education of the poor children in the school and also for the improvements of the school. The project is being managed by the members of Parents Teachers Association who also provide local counterpart in the form of voluntary labor and in kind.

This is the second poultry project  in the municipality of Mlang, North Cotabato which Wimler successfully secured financial support. The first poultry project started in Mlang Pilot Elementary School (MPES) last September 2010 with assistance from SWIFT Asia Pacific. ETWA also agreed to expand first project with additional 300 chicks.

Detailed description of the project:

Name of Project Holder
Wimler Partnership for Social Progress
Name of Beneficiary/
Local Counterpart
Parents Teachers Association
Dugong Elementary School
Project Location
Dugong, Mlang, North Cotabato
Members of Parents Teachers Association
Poor pupils in Dugong Elementary School
Total Amount of the Project
Php 225,600.00
Total Amount Approved by ETWA
Php 201,568,75
Local Counterpart
Php 24,031.25
Duration of the Project
Construction period:  6 months

Amount in Pesos
Cost of building chicken coop, Lumber and other construction materials*
Labor cost (construction)
Cost of 300 chicks @ Ph 55/head
Cost of feeds and medication until production stage @250/chick
Caretaker allowance @ Ph 1,000
Technical assistance Veterinarian (6 months until productive stage)
Total Local Counterpart
Total Amount Received from ETWA

Members of the PTA started gathering the lumber needed
 for the construction

Bamboos are also needed for the cages

The site of the future poultry project
The first structures are laid

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