Thursday, May 19, 2011

MINUTE BURGER (Davao del Sur) and WIMLER launch fund raising drive

The manager of Minute Burger in Bansalan and five other branches in four municipalities in Davao del Sur and WIMLER agreed to launch a fund raising drive.

The idea dubbed as “Barya mo, Eskuela Ko” or “Your loose change, My Education” is to place collection cans in all the branches of Minute Burger in Bansalan, Digos (2), Padada, and Sulop where people can drop their loose change. In addition,  collection cans will also be placed at the TAPS counter, a restaurant in Digos City and in Val-Tan Grocery Store in Sulop, Davao del Sur. WIMLER’s folders will be displayed as well.  Through this campaign, WIMLER hopes not only to raise funds for Send a child to school but also to raise awareness among the local people about the plight of poor children who cannot  go to school. WIMLER is grateful to Peter Paul and Zorrah Valentin, operators of Minute Burger in 6 municipalities of Davao del Sur, Taps Restaurant, and Val-Tan Trading for their support.

Zorrah and Peter Paul Valentin

Friday, May 13, 2011

WIMLER Reach Out Newsletter is now available online

Our WIMLER Reach Out Newsletter, Issue 2, Vol. 1 is now available online.

Just click the photo to download your copy.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Texas Barbecue for a Cause a tremendous success

The Texas Barbecue for a Cause held last May 6 at the United Services Recreation Club (USRC) was a great success! The dinner was put together through the efforts of Emilie Veringa-Tobias for the benefit of WIMLER Foundation. There were wonderful prizes awarded, great food and music, and a slideshow about the work of WIMLER. In total, 145 guests attended the event.
The registration opened at 7:00 pm followed by a cocktail, during which the guests were entertained by Collin and the China Coast Jazzmen.
Before dinner started, Emilie welcomed the guests. Then Leila Rispens-Noel, president and co-founder of WIMLER, introduced the guest of honor, Mr. Robert Schuddeboom, the Netherlands’ consul-general for Hong Kong and Macau.  Mr. Schuddeboom gave an inspirational talk, in which he encouraged support for organizations, like the WIMLER Foundation, in the effort to help poor children acquire education. DJ and legend Andy Curtis provided music during the after-dinner dance.
There were many volunteers on hand; including Marie Tuohy, Sherly Okruch, and Joanne Narciso Madayag, who helped to ensure that registration ran smoothly. Professional services needed to keep the costs as low as possible were provided free of charge. Jun Madayag Photography was the official event photographer while Chad del Valle acted as the emcee for the event. Paul Rigby designed the event flyer.
Good attendance was boosted by the table sponsors: SWIFT, Tanner DE Witt Solicitors,, and the Philippine Association of Hong Kong. Tickets had been in great demand, and last-minute bookings still kept coming on the day itself.
There were many raffle prizes to give away. FINDS Restaurant, Nordic Telecom Hong Kong LTD., JEBSEN and CO., Grace Cousins, Lisa Furnad, Theresa Niehorster, Sienna Fashion House, Marco Veringa, World of Fashion, Joean Tong, Jacky Lee, Virginia Leper, and Chiqui Barnes donated prizes to the delight of the guests, especially those who won the raffles.
It was a fantastic night. We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity! Everyone who attended the event had a tremendous night, and no doubt this will be talked about for some time! We have been receiving positive feedback so far, and people have asked to be invited in the next BBQ party. 
The money raised will support the education of poor children in the Philippines. In this regard the event exceeded all our expectations.

Jun Madayag Photography captured the mood of the event. To see the pictures, please check here