Friday, July 6, 2012

What Friends of WIMLER said during the benefit dinner:

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Lisa Furnad

To WIMLER Family, thank you for making a difference!! Nothing more rewarding than helping those in needs and I'm very much happy to be part of it!

Giselle Rivas

“It is a happy feeling attending this kind of event.  I am so pleased to be part of it. Thank so much to all! It is great event to cherish in our memories and heart. I love it! Many thanks to all and especially to WIMLER Team!”

Guy Lockwood

“It was my absolute pleasure to be present during the benefit dinner. I'm very proud and honored to be part of Wimler and give you my sincerest thanks. I look forward to doing more for WIMLER. Everyone is fantastic! Thank you so much for your generosity and hard work last night. You were well rewarded with a fantastic event!”

Chi Torrato Servigon

“Mabuhay ang WIMLER!!!”

Gloria Taripe

“For a cause such as this, it is a privilege to be able to serve. Thank you for your invitation. “

Penny Salcedo

“It is such a privilege to have graced your wonderful event last Saturday night as one of the special guest performers. I feel humbled to share a little bit with WIMLER through my singing. Looking forward the near future to be of actual help to all the wonderful kids who deserve to have an education. Mabuhay and God bless WIMLER!”

Myra Ma Hewlett

“Such a wonderful evening and excellent food!”

Raquel S. Mina

“The benefit dinner was a success: good organization and venue and people are all nice. It was a privilege to have attended this benefit dinner for WIMLER Foundation and I would like to mention a famous proverb where it states that “Charity begins at home, but should not end there”.
Rozglow Distribution Hong Kong.

“It has been a wonderful evening...thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for the wonderful and meaningful evening.”

Chad Salvador Del Valle

Thank you Ate Emilie, Tita Luz and Tita Leila. Congratulations to your event and More Power to Wimler.

Sue Biggins

“Well done for a successful evening. Just a shame we had to leave so early, would have loved to stay for dancing!”

Natalie Lowings

Well done to the organizers of Wimler Foundation, a charity organization in Hong Kong for arranging such a brilliant event. I had a great time and what a brilliant charity. thank you to Emilie Veringa-Tobias for inviting us (on behalf of Divers Sanctuary).

Celeste Murphy

“Leila and the WIMLER Hong Kong group - You are an inspiration. My friends and I are very pleased to have been a part of that beautiful evening.”

Rio Jo

“Kudos to the wonderful women behind WIMLER FOUNDATION; hope you will not get tired of helping others. It was fun seeing friends and meeting new friends last night. It was a blast!”

Wimler HK holds benefit dinner to help send Filipino kids to school

This article was  first published in The Sun Online Edition

By Jan Yumul 

More than 100 people turned up for a charity dinner hosted by the Wimler Foundation Hong Kong Limited, held at the United Services Recreation Club in Jordan on April 21.
In her speech, Wimler founder and president, Leila Rispens-Noel, thanked everyone who supported the event, then revealed the inspiration for her mission.

Because of poverty, she was forced to stop studying after high school so her brothers could continue with theirs.

"I wished to study but I could not because my father died in 1979, he was 49. But I wanted to study, I was ambitious," said Noel. She recalled telling her father that she would never go back to being poor if she could. So, she continued working and studying at the same time until she received some good news. Someone from Chicago had written to their parish priest in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, offering a scholarship.

"And that's how I finished my college, through the help of someone whom I didn't know. I never had a chance to meet him," said Rispens-Noel.

She summed up by saying that children are poor not because their parents are lazy, but because they never had an opportunity. Once that opportunity is given them, most will respond positively.
Rispens-Noel spent 29 years in the Netherlands before relocating to Hong Kong.

The keynote speaker, Consul General Noel Servigon, congratulated the team behind Wimler and all the donors and sponsors of the event. He also said that Saturday is usually reserved for his family, but could not say no to Rispens-Noel, whom he first met during his stint in the Netherlands a decade ago.
He also revealed that education has played a big part in his life, as his first job when he was just 18 was as teacher in a midwifery and nursing school in the province.

He also told the benefactors how they made a very important decision by attending the dinner, not only to help the Filipino children who will benefit, but in initiating the group in Hong Kong which he hopes will be a model for other organizations.

With the motto "a dinner for you, a year-long education for a child," Wimler-HK, together with Wimler Philippines, aims to help 100 primary school children in Mindanao when the school year kicks off this June.