Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wimler distributes second wave of relief Goods in Bantayan, Cebu

These pictures were taken by Karen Seville Fernan, Wimler's focal person in Cebu. Thank you for arranging the distribution of the blankets, Wimler's second visit to the affected area which benefited 150 families. During the first visit, Karen distributed materials (trapals) to the victims to be used as temporary shelters. Once the boxes arrived from Hong Kong, Karen will be going back to Bantayan again. Thank you to our donors mainly from City University of Hong Kong and Friends of Wimler. We are making plans to distribute some bancas (small boats) in Bantayan soon.

Tristan and Ethan Fernan helping their Mom Karen

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wimler's local partners distribute 900 packs for typhoon Yolanda victims in Estancia, Iloilo

Below is the narrative report of Mr. Joefel Resol on how the donation of WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong was allocated. THANK YOU to our donors because we were able to participate in the third wave of assistance organized by St. Joseph Parish of Pototan, Iloilo. The HK$ 20,000 (Php 112,044.00) was used to buy 38 sacks of rice, 150 pieces of blankets, 12 boxes of Bear brand and choco, 100 pieces of aluminum kettle, 20 liter kerosene and to cover other expenses.

THANK YOU Joefel, volunteers and the parish workers of St. Joseph Parish for facilitating the distribution and for sending the narrative and financial report.


Narrative report on the Relief Work supported by Wimler Foundation Hong Kong
December 13, 2013
Barangay Daan Banwa, Estancia, iloilo


The support of Wimler foundation gave us the opportunity to serve the disaster victims for the third wave of relief operation.

November 20 was the first relief operation that benefited communities of Libertad in Banate; Agnaga in Concepcion and several communities gathered in the Parish Church in Ajuy, Iloilo. We brought more than 1,620 packs and several sacks of used clothing with about 6 barrels of mineral water. With this amount we were able to extend our help in San Dionisio when we diverted our route to other areas bringing with us our excess relief goods and also our food. Around 19 vehicles with 150 people participated with several groups like the Union of Prayer for Vocations, Pototan FB group, Mini sound association of Pototan joining.

November 30 was the second wave of relief operation that benefitted the communities of more than 50 families (80 packs) of Baptist church in Barangay San Antonio, Ajuy; 120 packs for Sitio Kalog; 150 packs for Sitio Baybay who are part of the 230 families of Siyempre Viva, San Dionisio. Around 400 families  (460 packs) of Barangays Malapoc and 68 packs for 50 families of Dolores in the Municipality of Balasan. We then gave the remaining 250 packs at the Balasan parish for other areas. 9 vehicles joined in this activity.

Objectives of the Activity

The activity of involving our parish in relief and rehabilitation work is in line with our parish program of “Reconstructing our Church as People”. The objective then is not only to respond to the victims of the disaster but most of all to show that our presence gives them hope while on the other hand we are also evangelized by the presence of Jesus among the lost, the last and the least.

Based on this context, we set the following objectives:

1. To gather relief goods support mainly from the people in the Parish for them to get involve.
2. To encourage the Church members to immerse themselves in the life and struggles of the victims of the disaster.
3. To reflect on the situation and discovering the “signs of the times” thus internalizing the Christian Response to these challenging times.



After the second wave of relief operations, we were blessed that three of our lay leaders were able to attend a seminar briefing on Psychological First Aid facilitated by Ugat Foundation.  This provided us more knowledge on how to handle our immersion process among the victims of disasters.

After receiving information from Wimler Foundation of their support for Estancia, we coordinated with Fr. Macky Sortido who was the Parish priest in that area. We asked for a particular community that he may identify to be the beneficiary of our relief operation mainly from Wimler Foundation.

He recommended the area of Barangay Daan Banwa, Estancia. This is about 2 kilometer distance from the town proper with 425 families coming from 7 zones (sitios) of the Barangay. He informed us further that what the people need most.

Upon receiving the funds, we made a plan for the relief work in Estancia given the present resources of the Parish and the relief goods gathered. Main funds that will be used will be from Wimler Foundation.

It was also decided that the 350 packs will be given to Batad Parish as we pass by the area before going to Estancia. Added to the relief operation supported by Wimler Foundation were kerosene lamps from the Parishoners, mosquito nets, sardines and noodles donated and the six boxes of used clothing from the Cordillera Green Network and the ARUGA Northern Luzon group.

We were able to prepare a total of 900 packs with rice, milk, sardines and noodles. Added to these were blankets, kerosene lamps, mosquito nets, used clothing and 11 boxes of bottled water from Natures Spring.

Day of relief operation

On the day of relief operation, we were able to borrow the truck to be used and the Parish just spent for the fuel amounting to P2,500. Two private vehicles were also used with no expense. We still rented a Jeepney for P4,500 to bring in our Parish and youth leaders that will facilitate the distribution and integration.

We started our day with an early morning mass at 5:30 am. After this we had our briefing and orientation for the participants numbering around 45.

At exactly 7:00 am we travelled to Estancia via Passi City, San Enrique, San Rafael, Lemery and Sara going to Batad. We dropped the 350 packs of relief goods at the Batad Parish Priest and immediately went straight to Estancia were Fr. Macky and their community leaders are waiting. We then proceeded to Barangay Daan Banwa arriving there at around 11:00am under the very intense heat of the sun as most of the trees were gone.

As the people gathered, we introduced ourselves and our objective of being in their community. We announced that these goods shared to them were from Wimler foundation and also the people from the Parish who are poor like them. We made it a point to them that we are also there to listen and learn from their experiences.  And that the lesson left to us by Typhoon Yolanda that it is very important to build good relationship with your neighbor for human infrastructure must be stronger rather than strengthening of the physical infrastructure.

We gave to the community 550 relief packs, kerosene lamps, blankets, mosquito nets, mineral water and used clothing for children and adults.

The Barangay Captain also expressed his appreciation of the effort. Fr. Tomtom who was our assistant Parish Priest gave a message and the activity was ended by a prayer and blessing of Fr. Macky who was their Parish Priest.

The Youth leaders of our Parish Youth Ministry also facilitated some games for the children while the rest of us dispersed among the people and start conversing with them on their situation.

The relief goods and other materials were turned over to the community leaders for their distribution. We followed whatever their way of distributing and identifying their priority beneficiaries for they know well their community members.

Information gathered during the immersion in Daan Banwa, Estancia 

Most of the residents here were agricultural farmworkers in the sugarcane plantation earning P150 pesos daily which are also seasonal in character. A significant number of men also work as fishermen in large fishing vessels owned by some rich merchants in the town proper and most of these were also damaged. Some women work as domestic help in the town proper to augment their husband’s meager income.

The village is not along the shore though relatively near such that there are no marginal fishermen in the area but rather agricultural workers and other semi workers (tricycle drivers etc.). It is divided in 7 zones (Sitios) with a total number of 425 families. 

The people expressed that they still have not recovered from their traumatic experience. For students, they still could hardly stay in class due to poverty and the heat that they could not bear while inside the classroom. The children are still scared whenever dark clouds are hanging overhead that would bring rain.

Added to this was the false alarm through text messages that a tsunami will hit the area of Antique, Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo. They scampered at the middle of the night running towards the mountain areas. This happened in the first week of December.

The typhoon also had a great impact on agriculture. The coconuts could hardly recover from 4 to 5 years. Bananas and vegetables that are also a source of livelihood may recover from 4 months to 2 years. Rice production in the area though limited in space was also affected when the wind brought salty water to the rice fields. The people are just hoping that the rice will be able to recover after the leaves turned yellow.


Even though it may seem very limited, our relief work did brought hope for the people in the area. Listening to their stories of surviving the near death situation is already a great relief for them.

In Estancia, a relatively significant support for the affected villages is going on. While we were there, groups of Doctors without Borders are also coordinating with the village while the Swiss government support is planning to provide the 180 families with totally damaged houses with 12 GI sheets, 2 kgs nails, saw, hammer and other materials.

We had a sharing with the BEC facilitators in the area on how they would be able to organize the community to enable them to recover fast. They informed us that they are also guided by the Jaro Archdiocesan Pastoral Secretariat (JAPC) and also facilitated relief and rehabilitation support.

In this context, we believe that we have to refocus on our next relief work for most of the coastal areas of northern Iloilo is already receiving relatively significant support. We have other requests from the hinterland areas of Bingawan, Passi City and Calinog. The hinterland of Calinog is home to the Indigenous people of Panay.    

We will also be focusing now on rehabilitation work like agricultural production while introducing organic farming and other livelihood projects based on their resources.
We also see the need to heighten the awareness of the people on the present environmental crisis we are confronting.  This will strengthen their resolve to unify their community.

So much work must be done. We have to keep on going and be inspired by the determination of the people to rebuild their lives and regain their dignity!

Thank you very much for your warm support, WIMLER FOUNDATION! You will always be in our prayers.

December 23, 2013

Joefel Resol

Photo Credits: Joefel Resol and team

Financial Report

Name Patronage of St. Joseph Parish Date
Address Pototan, Iloilo 23-Dec-13
Relief Operations for Barangay Daan Banwa, Estancia, Iloilo, Philippines
Itemized Expenses
12/10/2013 38 sacks of rice 58,900.00
12/11/2013 150 pcs blankets 19,500.00
12/11/2013 12 boxes Bearbrand Choco and Milk 13,995.00
12/11/2013 100 pcs 16 cm aluminum kettle 8,900.00
12/11/2013 tip for baggage boys 70.00
12/11/2013 packing materials: 500pcs plastic for rice 222.50
12/11/2013 packing materials: 200 pcs Extra Large Polybags 540.00
12/12/2013  banner for Wimler 300.00
12/11/2013 tarpauline streamer 410.00
12/12/2013 20 liter kerosene for donated kerosene lamps 1000.00
12/12/2013 fare and meals 190.00
Total Expenses Php 104,027.50
Cash Advance Php 112,044.00
            Amount HK$ 8,016.50

The remaining amount will be allocated for the next wave of relief/rehabilitation in Iloilo.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Dodgeball tournament for a cause a big success


LATEST NEWS from Myrna Pama Hill about the DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT held last December 1 at West Island School:

"Many thanks to all the volunteers and individuals who spent a lot of time to make food for us to sell!! The donation box raised $4,672 plus we received two generous checks of $1,000 and $10,000 each. This is on top of the team entry fees and other donations made prior to the event (figure unknown just yet) plus a couple of donations that are still pending!! Can't wait to see the final figure and we will make sure to keep you generous people updated with the results ASAP!! It's not too late to donate and all money raised is going towards restoring the livelihoods of those affected by typhoon Haiyan. Thank you to everyone who came :):) you guys rock"

THANK YOU MYRNA and to our energetic and fantastic WIMLER youth volunteers!




Myrna Pama Hill, one of the directors of WIMLER HK  informed just now that all systems go for DODGEBALL tournament for a cause. All proceeds will go to WIMLER Foundation HK to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan.
This event is being organized by three enthusiastic young people Raisha Asnani, Kisten Hill, and Zahra Jamshed.

WHEN: Sunday, December 1, 2013
TIME: 6:00 pm
WHERE: West Island School250 Victoria Road, PokfulamHong Kong Island

Five teams have already registered but possibly there will be seven teams competing.


The organizers also decided to sell snacks, finger foods and drinks to raise more money.

We need volunteers to:

1) Help sell foods
2) Take pictures of the event
We also welcome food donation.

If you are interested to help or donate food, please contact Myrna Pama Hill: 98038049


Savva Shots Lavish DrinksBlue ButcherMacao Lisboa HotelBlohk PartySnow ClubLorna Darton - cupcakesMalou Dancel – spring rollsKong Wong – Fried ChickenMyrna Pama Hill – hotdogs prepared on the spot 


Raisha Asnani, Kirsten Hill and Zahra Jamshed

Zahra and Kirsten

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dodgeball teams hold tournament for a cause to help typhoon Yolanda victims

From Myrna Pama Hill – Contact person Iloilo Fund Raising Drive

Kirsten N Hill, Raisha Asnani, and Zahra Jamshed are organizing a DODGEBALL tournament on Thursday, November 28. The Dodgeball tournament will help raise money to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines. ALL proceeds will directly go to Wimler Foundation HK. The Wimler Foundation plans to use all contributions to help smaller towns that have not seen any attention, such as Bantayan Island (Cebu), Coron (Palawan), Estancia and Passi (Iloilo).  

To find out more about the organization visit

Any other questions or concerns regarding the tournament, please feel free to contact:
Raisha at 97762377 or

10 Old Peak Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong

Sign your team up NOW!  $2000 per team.

Teams must consist of both genders and between 6-10 players.
If you don't have enough people, contact us anyway and we'll try and put a team together for you.

Please PM this event or email with the following information:


$2000 in cash on the day. (IT'S ALL FOR CHARITY!)

Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.

BONUS PRIZE: best dressed team. So gear up and get giving!

How the tournament works?
Each team will compete in 10 min games of dodgeball. The winners will advance to the semi-finals, and compete in another 10 min game of dodgeball. The finalists will then face each other in a 20min game that will crown the champions!
There is only room for 8 teams, so sign up soon!

How to play dodgeball?

Official Rules - The National Amateur Dodgeball Association

The National Amateur Dodgeball Association was created as a recreational pursuit for non-traditional sport

Saturday, November 16, 2013

WIMLER finally connects with local partners in Iloilo

November 25, 2013

WIMLER Foundation HK finally released the amount of HK$ 20,000 for Estancia, Iloilo care of Ref. Fr. Tomas D. Delicana, JR. of St. Joseph Parish in Pototan, Iloilo. The amount will be used to buy 65 sacks of rice +/- to be distributed in Estancia, one of the hardest areas hit by typhoon Yolanda.

The parish is organizing a caravan anytime this week to bring the relief goods.

It was extremely difficult to establish contacts with Iloilo City to help us deliver our relief goods to Estancia, hardest hit town in Iloilo.  WIMLER HK will also assist affected families in Passi City. 


Our contact person there is Noemi Paccial Paniza, member of PASSI City, Balik sa Bayan, Inc., an association of migrants, expatriates, and their families from Passi City. In Hong Kong, WIMLER HK is coordinating with PASSINHON Group care of Ma. Wilma Padura.

PASSI HK already sent boxes containing relief goods to Passi City while Myrna Pama, one of the directors of WIMLER HK and focal person for Iloilo Relief fund campaign has already sent blankets and noodles for the victims in Passi City.

Myrna Pama Hill, one of directors of  WIMLER Foundation HK arranged this shipment
intended for victims in Passi City


After a long search, WIMLER Foundation HK finally connected with Marvin Bionat of Pototan, Iloilo and Joefel Resol of Patronage of St. Joseph also in Pototan. WIMLER Foundation HK is partnering with the local Patronage of St. Joseph Parish in Pototan to deliver the relief goods. Both are willing to arrange distribution of Wimler's relief goods to Estancia.

Those who want to help victims in the coastal towns of northern Iloilo, the local parish is accepting donations (cash or kind) as they prepare a caravan to deliver assistance (first trip is Nov 20, Wednesday). Focus will be on rehabilitation (not just a quick handing out of a meal pack), so donations may include construction materials, seeds, etc. Contact Joefel Resol at 09105696706 if you want to help and/or join the trip. 

WIMLER is now preparing for the first shipment. Leny Ramada, a relative of Myrna Pama (one of the directors of WIMLER HK) will try to bring some relief goods tomorrow evening when she flies to Iloilo City.

WIMLER's plan to get involved in the rehabilitation program in cooperation with migrant domestoc workers from Passi who are working in Hong Kong, Canada, USA, among others.

For Estancia, WIMLER HK decided to extend the initial amount of HK$ 20,000.

Situation Report: Estancia, Iloilo

Below is a situation report prepared by Marvin Bionat  for the town of Estancia (hardest-hit town here in Iloilo). 

Date: November 16, 2013

Population: 42,666 (2010 census)

Number of Barangays: 25

General impact: According to Vice Governor Tupas, who went to the area for an ocular inspection, Estancia was 100 percent devastated. The municipal mayor reported that 99 percent of houses were destroyed or damaged.

Number of dead: The body count in Estancia according to the Iloilo Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) as of November 14 is 86, many of whom are unidentified (a number may be fishermen from nearby islands). That is close to half the total deaths in the entire province of Iloilo (which has reached 189). Number of missing in Estancia is 9.

Oil spill compounds the problem: A National Power Corporation barge, with a maximum capacity of 1.2 million liters of diesel fuel, was toppled and slammed against the rocky coastline of Barangay Botongon, Estancia, crushing houses and now leaking diesel fuel. Coast Guard Commander Athello Ybanez has estimated that some 150,000 liters has washed ashore and another 50,000 liters is still on the water surface. Most people in the area are fishermen, so their main source of living is disrupted.

Note that Estancia has island barangays (e.g., Bayas and Loguingot), and because private motorboats were destroyed or swept away, provision of relief goods was initially limited to military helicopters and Navy boats. There are media reports of families still not getting any aid.


Friday, November 15, 2013

WIMLER extends aid to Bantayan Islands, Cebu

From: Joy Arenas-Tadios
Focal Person: Bantay para sa Bantayan

"My friend Mylene S. Villanueva, who used to live in Hong Kong, sent a private message in Facebook asking for help in Bantayan Island. Most of the news coverage are centered in Tacloban, Leyte  thus aids and other relief goods are directed to that place leaving Bantayan and other provinces in dire need of help. Myles connected us with her sister who is based in Cebu, Doctor Karen Seville-Fernan, for further information of what are the priority needs of the Island."

Bantayan Island is located in the Visayas Region at the northern part of Cebu Island. Based on the 2010 census, it has a total population of around 136,000.

Doc Karen (Nov. 11, private message) informed us that 90% of Bantayan Island is completely devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. In the mainland, one barangay (Sitio Baluarte, Suba) was totally washed out followed by Barangay Talisay in Sta. Fe and the one in Madridejos. The total number of affected households reached 19,491 including the  892 households in Suba.  As of November 12, Doc Karen was able to gather some amount to transport the first batch of relief goods that family friends and employees are able to contribute. They intend to bring the goods themselves this Saturday November 15 and distribute in the community as information reached them that local government officials are prioritizing people who voted for them during the local election. Her team will asses the area this weekend to check what other needs are to be prioritized. She already flagged that for basic necessities they need canned goods, blankets, toiletries and water. But for long term help, she will check how many families in the severely hit barangay would need GI sheets for the roofing or even nipa (traditional roofing material made of leaves). Medicines are already covered as pharmaceutical companies have already donated.

Some news items and photos of Bantayan Island:

In-kind donations for Bantayan, Cebu relief drive

Yssa Cornelio
Noodles, canned goods, used towels but in good condition
Rowena Velo and friends
Soaps, toothpaste  
Mer Paredes
Toothpastes, canned goods, some noodles and ready to eat food, used clothes in good condition
Valerie Yap
Used towels in good condition (3pcs)
Pooja Pant
Used towels in good condition (3 pcs), used blankets in good condition
Nadira Lamrad and friends
4 packs diapers of various sizes, sanitary napkins and antibiotic creams
Luz, Myles’s friend
Toothpastes, soaps, used clothes in good condition, 2 packs of pasta, some canned goods
Judy Pacali
Used blankets in good condition, used clothes in good condition
Filipinas Mungcal
Used shirts and pants in good condition
Roshan Harjani
3 pcs fleece blankets brand new, 3 pcs used towels in good condition, used blankets in good condition, kids clothes

Lubert and Abigail Tan
Used clothes in good condition, kids clothes
Zarah Chiu
Used clothes in good condition
Sheena Martinez and Joy Arenas
Sponsored 1 BIDA box worth $685
Myrna Maco
Used clothes in good condition
Ella and Kate Arenas
Kids clothes and toothbrushes


                                  Four hundred blankets will be sent by air tomorrow (21.11.2013)
                                  from Manila to Cebu City. Final destination: BANTAYAN ISLANDS

Joy Arenas-Tadios' and family preparing the goods for shipment to Bantayan.
Joy is one of the members of  the Board of WIMLER HK and the
focal person for Bantayan Relief Drive

November 23, 2013

Here ‘s the Nov 23 update from our contact person Dr. Karen Fernan:
A total of 103 trapals (laminated sacks) were distributed to Barangays Pooc, Poblacion and Marikaban in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Islands. Her friend Joan Nepangue led the distribution yesterday. Another set of trapals are to be distributed in Botong islet. The trapals are used as temporary shelters of the typhoon affected families.

A local team of volunteers from Cebu distributed the first batch of tarpauins (trapals) in Bantayan Islands. Thank you Dr. Karen, Joan, etc. WIMLER HK is now preparing for the next bigger shipment. Joy Tadios-Arenas, one of the directors of WIMLER Foundation who leads the Bantayan relief operations, is now preparing for the next shipment. We still need more tarpaulins, blankets, canned goods, etc. HOWEVER, due to high cost of shipping, we would like to ask our donors to contribute CASH not goods. WIMLER volunteers will buy the goods in Cebu City. This will save us from shipping cost. THANK YOU to our donors especially City University of Hong Kong, USA Pinoys, and Friends of Wimler.